Texas Annulment Laws

Code Section
Fam. §1.102; §§6.201, et seq.; 6.101, et seq.; §2.001

Unless ratified: underage; under influence of alcohol and drugs; impotency (mental or physical); fraud; duress, or force; mental incompetence; concealed divorce which occurred within 30 days preceding marriage; marriage took place within 72 hours after marriage license; previous marriage undissolved (most recent marriage presumed valid until valid prior marriage proven)

Underage: Suit to annul must be brought within 90 days of fourteenth birthday of the underage party or 90 days of when petitioner knew or should have known (but not after 18th birthday); Concealed divorce: before 1st anniversary of marriage

Legitimacy of Children

Prohibited Marriages
Between ancestor and descendant, brother and sister (by whole, half-blood, or adoption), aunt and nephew, uncle and niece; same sex; bigamous (but becomes valid after dissolution of 1st marriage if parties live together and present themselves as married)

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