North Dakota Annulment Laws

Code Section
14-04-01, et seq., 14-03-03, 14-03-06; 14-03-01

Underage; previous marriage undissolved; unsound mind, fraud, or force (unless ratified); physically incapable; incestuous

Previous marriage undissolved: Anytime during life of parties; Underage: Within 4 yrs. of age of consent or unless voluntary cohabitation; Unsound mind: Anytime; Fraud, 4 yrs. after discovery; force or physically incapable: 4 yrs. of the marriage; Incestuous: Anytime

Legitimacy of Children
Issue of annulled or prohibited marriages are legitimate

Prohibited Marriages
Between ancestor and descendant, brother and sister, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, first cousins (half and whole blood, legitimate and illegitimate, bigamous, same sex

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