Idaho Annulment Laws

Code Section
32-201-207, 501 to 503

Underage; former spouse living; unsound mind, unless cohabits after coming to reason; force or fraud, unless cohabits freely afterward; physical incapacity

Underage: By parent, anytime before majority reached; By minor, within 4 yrs. of reaching age of consent Spouse living: Anytime during life; Unsound mind: Anytime before death; Fraud: Within 4 yrs. of discovery; Force: Within 4 yrs. of marriage; Incapacity to consummate: 4 yrs. from marriage

Legitimacy of Children
Not affected by annulment unless grounds is fraud, that woman was pregnant with another man’s child, children must be begotten before annulment judgment

Prohibited Marriages
Incestuous; between ancestor and descendant, brother and sister (half and whole blood), uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, first cousin; polygamous marriages; same sex

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