Colorado Annulment Laws

Code Section
14-10-111; 14-2-110

Consent lacking due to mental incapacity, alcohol, drugs; underage; jest or dare; duress; fraudulent act; physical incapacity to consummate; bigamy

Lacking capacity due to mental infirmity, influence of alcohol, drugs, or fraud duress, jest or dare: six months after knowledge of described condition; lack of physical capacity to consummate the marriage: one year after the knowledge of condition; underage and lacked consent of parents or guardian: 24 months from date of marriage Prohibited marriages: Declaration of invalidity must be brought prior to death of either party or priority settlement or closing of estate

Legitimacy of Children
Children of invalid marriage are legitimate

Prohibited Marriages
Prior marriage still valid; between (ancestor and descendant, brother and sister, whole or half-blood uncle and niece, aunt and nephew; also whole or half blood except where permitted by aboriginal cultures) Marriage void by law of the place where marriage was contracted

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