California Annulment Laws

Code Section
Family 2200, 2201, 2210, 2211

Party did not have capability to consent; another living spouse; unsound mind, unless party freely cohabitated with spouse after coming to reason; consent obtained by force or fraud, unless party freely cohabitated with spouse afterwards; physically incapable of entering marriage state

Age of consent: Underage party within 4 yrs. of reaching age of consent or by parent before party has reached age; Fraud: Within 4 yrs. of discovery of fraud by injured party; Husband/Wife living: Either party during life or by former spouse; Unsound mind: Any time before death; Consent by force: Within 4 yrs. of marriage by injured party; Physical incapability: Within 4 yrs. by injured party

Legitimacy of Children

Prohibited Marriages
Ancestor and descendant of any degree, brother and sister (half-blood included), uncle and niece, aunt and nephew; bigamy and polygamy

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